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The idea behind the flexicon, and the dyslexical dictionary, is to allow writers and other content creators to access data people have contributed.
Presently the dyslexical dictionary is freely availible in these formats:

small.txt (652.799 K) - The small dictionary: a text file with each word and it's part of speech alphabetically listed

big.txt (92580.692 K) - The big dictionary: a text file with each word alphabetically listed, it's part of speech, it's definition, and an example sentence

Both of these files are plain text with each line element separated by a comma and each entry separated by a new-line
- Clicking on the above links will show the data in a browser window. To save the data from the link right-click/control-click on the link & Save.
- The above files are updated every time someone adds a new word to the dictionary. So for the latest version check back frequently, or dynamically link your project to the above files.
- Each file begins with a "comment" (#) with the date & time the file was last updated, in DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS format (in deference to our European friends)
- Format was switched from tab-separated to comma-separated-values (CSV) on 24-4-2010

Future plans are to distribute the data in MySQL (database) format as well.
If you are interested in using the dictionary in database format please contact rdrink@speakeasy.net

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