but enough about you...

I don't know where I heard that joke but it seemed fitting for a vanity page, which is what this is.
And not being very vain I decided to ommit pictures and design only in black & white.
What you will find here instead is links to various information about myself, my art, and my various projects.

    Robb Drinkwater

A partial list, certianly not everything I have listened to, but works that have had an impact on my thinking. And as I have mentioned them to friends & students often they seemed worth sharing.


"on the verge of redundance"
"Outside the Circle of Fire"
"field recordings of shortwave radio"
"signals, calls, and marches"
"Camera Oscura/Espaces Inhabitables"
"Tabula rasa"
"Talbot/Gutzeit/Soliday/Drinkwater/Sullender live at Hotti Biscotti"
"Hatred and Numbers"

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