but enough about you...

I don't know where I heard that joke but it seemed fitting for a vanity page, which is what this is.
And not being very vain I decided to ommit pictures and design only in black & white.
What you will find here instead is links to various information about myself, my art, and my various projects.

    Robb Drinkwater

"Free Agent Nation"
    by Daniel H. Pink

Those of you who know me, and take a look at this book, might be surprised to finding me reading such stuff...
However I feel it is important to sometimes read books "outside" of ones "discipline". So although basically a "business book" it is also one filled with curious insights.
That said... I read about one-third of this book and felt I didn't need to read much more... which in fact is the case (or at least for more creative thinkers).
The rest of the book goes into extended details about the ideas presented in the first few chapters. And although well worth reading, if you have the time, this is a book worth at least the first-third, or perhaps that and the last quarter.


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