Robb Drinkwater

Curriculum Vitae



1997 - present

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sound Department

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Courses include: "Introduction to Sound", "Studio Techniques", "Digital Signal Processing
    ", "Analog and Digital Synthesis", "Max/MSP Intensive Workshop" (Winter 2002/Summer 2003/04).

November 1997

The National Art Education Association

  • "The Virtual Desktop Studio: Music, Recording and the Computer"
    Professional development workshop for High School teachers in basics of digital audio, music sequencing, and Internet audio.

Sound Facilities Manager:

1996 - present

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sound/Art&Tech/FVNM Departments

  • Responsible for the continued maintenance & upgrading of the schools audio studios. Integral to these duties is the continuing dialog with fellow faculty about the pedagogical issues related to advanced technology.

1988 — 1996

Tichenor Media Systems, Chicago

  • Technical management & maintenance of three, full-time commercial radio stations.

1986 - present

Freelance Technician

Clients include: "J. Walter Thompson", "ACME Recording", "Catfish Studios"

Recording Engineer:

1991 - present

Splinter Group Audio Studio, Chicago

  • Owner and chief engineer of one of Chicago’s first fully digital recording facilities which has gained a reputation for it’s work with national & international experimental artists and recently developed one of the cities only co-operative engineering programs.
    Engineering credits include:
    "Gene Coleman", "Zena Parkins", "Michael Zerang", "Dan Scanlan", and "Olivia Block"


1997 - 2003

SPECTRA - Director

  • Coördinate an ongoing series of monthly open forums for new audio art.
    To date SPECTRA has presented over 100 works by local, national, & international sound artists.

1999 - present

Chicago Area Max Users group (CAMU)

  • Host monthly meetings for artists working with the audio program Max/MSP.
ongoing Splinter Group Audio Studio
  • Installed and maintain Linux (SuSE) based webserver
  • Design, install, populate, and maintian MySQL databases
  • Web engineering using PHP and JavaScript
  • Continualy develop these sites using the above technology:
    CAMU, splinter group Audio Studio, Knight Cottage

March 2000

Peregrine Networks, San Francisco

  • Designed and coded web-based forms for commercial on-line conference registration system.


Selected works:


February, 2003

Presented "D.I.Y. D.J." as part of the "Decomposure" series, DEATECH Gallery - Chicago

June 14, 2001

Live performance with Collin Olan, Project Room — Philadelphia PA

June 21, 2000

Live performance with Ernst Long, DEADTECH Gallery - Chicago

December, 1999

Live broadcast performance with Ernst Long, "Something Else" WLUW - Chicago


October, 2000


Viewer controlled sound installation. DEADTECH Gallery - Chicago

May, 1998

"Rustbelt Prelude" & "Cloud / Stolen Whispers, Borrowed Dreams"

Sound sculptures. Public premier, SAIC Faculty Concert


May, 2003


Invited track for the Cranksatori record label’s thirteenth release "Unlucky Numbers"

September, 2000


Jury selection for "Circumvention Device" a compilation. Released on CD and Internet.

May, 1998


February, 1992

"Sensitive to Initial Conditions"


May, 2003

Doug Ischar’s "Shine", purchased as part of the MCA's permanent collection and re-installed

June, 2002

Custom programming of a 6 speaker spatialization system for Doug Ischar’s "Shine", installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art [details]

November, 2001

Custom programming of a 24 speaker spatialization system for Doug Ischar’s "unfinished", installed at Hyde Park Art Center


July, 2004

"Max/MSP/Jitter Night School" CNMAT @ Berkely

Five days of night classes in advanced topics in Max/MSP followed Jitter.
Funded by a Faculty Enrichment Grant from the School of the Art Institute.

June, 1999

"Max/MSP" SUNY Buffalo

Five-day workshop on advanced techniques for the audio program Max.

1982 — 1886

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, Concentration in Sound Art


1998 - 1999

Forum member — IRCAM

1995 - present

Member - Audio Engineering Society