Robb Drinkwater
Selected Work


26 September Green Bicycle - 1626 N. California   "S/P/D trio"
18 August Elastic  
7 April Myopic Books  
  w/ Chris Powers
4 April Heaven Gallery - 1550 N. Millaukee   "Zeropoint"
  w/ J. Soliday
17 April Elastic   "Fred Longber-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra"
17 March Enemy - 1550 N Wilaukee  
  w/ J Soliday
6 February Empty Bottle   "also, Lobisomem and Neil Jendon"
  w/ zeropoint (J Soliday/R Drinkwater)
19 December Elastic   "Zeropoint"
  w/ Michael Hartman
20 November Enemy (1150 N Milaukee) / $5  
  w/ J Soliday
20 July Enemy (1550 N Milaukee) 9pm/$5  
  w/ G Coleman, M Zerang, J Soliday, M Kerbaj, and others
7 May The Green Mill  
  w/ K Young and others
5 May Enemy - 1550 N Milwaukee  
  w/ K Young, C Genetti, J Roebke, B Labycz
25 March Heaven Gallery  
  w/ M Hartman, V Sprikut
2 February enemy (1550 N Milwaukee) 9pm/$5  
  w/ B Labcyz
2 January enemy 1550 N Milwaukee, Chicago  
  w/ J Soliday, B Labycz
31 October Myopic Books  
  w/ J Soliday, B Hauf
25 October enemy   "Sound Field Festival 2005"
  w/ J Soliday, B Labycz
11 October Hottio Biscotti  
  w/ J Soliday, G Cairns
25 September Chicago MCA   "John Cage's MUSICIRCUS"
  w/ K. Young, S Biber, N Butler, J Mills
25 July Enemy - 1550 N. Milaukee (above Heaven gallery)   "zeropoint + Jesse Kudler"
  w/ Mike Shiflet, Jason Zeh, and LSD (Labycz Sprikut Duo)
20 May 3030 West Cortland   " Elastro Electronic Music Series (a C.I.P. production"
1 May The Green Mill   "solo and trio"
  w/ J Miller & Gerorge
29 April 3030  
  w/ w/Kazuya Ishigami, Paul Giallorenzo, Brian Labcyz quartet
15 April Heaven Gallery   "Zero Point w/Horse Sinister - Jesse Kudler - Labcyz & Sprikut "
  w/ J Soliday
28 February Myopic  
  w/ Aram Shelton and Mike Reed
8 February Hotti Biscotti  
  w/ Jake Elliot/Brian Labycz/Vadim Sprikut
13 January Heaven Gallery   "Zero Point Three"
  w/ Soliday/Labcyz
21 December Hotti Biscotti  
  w/ Brian Labycz
27 November Heaven Gallery   "Zero Point Three"
  w/ J Soliday, B Labycz
7 September Hotti Biscotti   "Zero Point"
  w/ J Soliday
17 August Big Horse  
  w/ Jason Soliday
21 March PAC/Edge Festival   "Thermal Drift"
  w/ J Soliday, E Leonardson, N Jendon
6 February Deadtech   "24Hour Medium"
30 January Deadtech   "5-Year Anniversary Party"
  w/ J Soliday
15 November Candlestick Maker   "Outer Ear Festival"
  w/ J Soliday
24 September Heaven Gallery   "under the wire festival"
  w/ E Leonardson
25 April Open End Gallery  
21 February Deadtech   "D.I.Y. D.J."
29 May The Empty Bottle   "Devils Music group ensemble"
  w/ C Olan
11 November Hyde Park Art Center   "Outer Ear Festival"
  w/ Achim Wollscheid
14 July project room - Philadelphia  
  w/ C Olan
13 July Base Kamp - Philadelphia  
24 January Nervous Center  
  w/ J Soliday, C Olan, B Gutzeit
5 January No Exit Cafe  
21 June Deadtech  
  w/ E Long


22 February WLUW   "Something Else"
  w/ J Rounds
1 January WLUW   "Something Else"
  w/ J Soliday
15 December WLUW   "Something Else"
  w/ E Long


7 October Deadtech   "(inter)reactive"


7 February DeadTech (3321 W. Fullerton Ave)   "DorkBot (Chicago chapter) presenting a talk on Open Sound Control "
  w/ J Soliday
25 October Deadtech   "Chicago Artist's Month"